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Choosing Interior Colours for Your Rooms

Using throw pillows is a great way to add a little Colour and pattern to a room, liven up a boring sofa, or add comfort to a cozy bed. But when you're using throw pillows there are a few important tips to remember.

DON'T use the wrong style of pillow. Make sure the pillows suit the furniture. If you have a really modern sofa, don’t accessorize it with embellished pillows (no fringe, tassels, etc.).
DON'T pick a boringcColour. When it comes to Colour the pillows should either blend in with the sofa (or bed, or chair) or stand out and provide contrast.
DO use pattern and texture. If you're using pillows that are the same Colour as the furniture provide some interest by using throw pillows with patterned and textured fabrics. It will provide a little depth and keep it from looking flat.
DON'T overdo it with patterns. Patterns should enhance the colours and fabrics and add some interest, but too many patterns can be busy and messy-looking. You just want a little visual punch.
DON'T use too many throw pillows. They should add comfort as well as decorative interest, but there should never be so many that you have to spend time moving them off before you sit or lie down.
DO use pillows that fit properly. A tiny pillow does not look good on a large club chair. Large furniture needs large pillows. Small furniture needs small pillows. It's as simple as that.
DO minimize the embellishments. While embellishments like beads and tassels can sometimes be fun, remember that the pillow's main purpose is to provide comfort. You don't want anything that will scratch or leave an imprint on your skin if you snuggle up to it.
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