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Choosing Interior Colours for Your Rooms
His and Hers Decorating: Dos & Donts

When it comes to decorating men and women can have very different tastes. Really, any two people can have very different tastes. So if you live with someone else and you need to blend your styles check out these his and hers decorating do's and don'ts.

DO talk before you buy. Discuss what both of you like and try to come up with a plan. Find out what each of you value and what you consider important in a room.
DO look for similarities in your styles and focus on those.
DON'T try to force your style on your partner. Also, don't allow your partner's style to be forced on you.
DON'T try to tell your partner what items should or shouldn't matter to them.
DO respect your partner's items and give them the same respect you would want in return.
DON'T immediately dismiss items because they don't work with your décor. There are often ways to make seemingly out of place items fit in.
DO choose colours that will appeal to both of you. Colours will grey undertones can often work as subtle neutrals and provide a great backdrop to other colours.
DO try to find balance between masculine and feminine items. Avoid anything overly curvy and girly or boxy and masculine. Use subtle shapes and textures that combine the best of both worlds. For example, leather club chairs with nail head details is masculine if the shape is boxy, but opt for a curvier shape and it becomes more female friendly.
DO try to express masculinity with finishing details like nail head trim. Add touches of masculine textures and patterns like leather and hounds tooth (they can be as simple as small accessories like antique books or trays).
DON'T use too many masculine elements. A room done in all leather will look like the dreaded "man cave".
DO soften rough edges with feminine details. A rough wood table looks softer when it has a feminine chandelier hanging above it.
DON'T make any major purchases without your partner's input. It could lead to a disaster.
DO shop together and make decorating your home a joint effort.
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