Embrace the New Work Normal from The Home You Can Call Your Own


This year has brought in significant transformations unknown to the human race. Intentions of the novel coronavirus’s exit look unpromising; leaving no choice than accepting the new normal ways of professional and personal living.

The occasional work-from-home (WFH) has been an acceptable culture in the West for years. Until 2020, this concept was foreign to the Indian workforce. But 8 months into the lockdown & the tables have turned completely.

WFH: The ‘Permanent’ Normal

With companies such as Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages, Facebook, Twitter, and many others announcing the option for employees to WFH “forever”, the foreign concept is paving its way into becoming a standard Indian regular.

This trend has uplifted Maharashtra’s dwindling real estate movement since Unlock 1. People from all age groups – millennials & the mid-30s & 40s are searching for housing properties – both standard & premium.

With the government issuing multiple incentives to boost property purchases, the sector’s graph has jumped by a big notch. The ‘rental millennial generation’ are changing their opinions. The results speak for themselves. A recent statistic published by the Maharashtra government reveals a 112% spike in property transactions in a 30-day timeline!

Organizations are catching up in this incentive race. Some companies have displayed their support by offering monthly Wi-Fi expenses amongst others! With 1000s of reasons skewing towards the pros of the WFH tipping scale, how can one neglect this offer?

Embrace work in your OWN home

Thinking from a company perspective, it is only fair for them to allow this new normal. They’re saving a huge amount on rentals, electricity, water, and other costs. As an employee, you’re saving on traveling cost (& time). Plus, social distancing is the new term of this century!

Don’t you think it’s ideal to embrace the change with a nameplate that reads your surname? That way, you can ‘truly’ work from your home without additional worries of paying rental dues or switching apartments yearly!

With slashed duties, falling property prices, lucrative interests, and easy loan acquisitions, it is best to take advantage of the market movements to suit your benefits!

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  1. Hi Gd Morning Happy Dhanteras to all .I am the owner of flat A/5/401,A/5/402 & D1/602.I thank the Arshiya team and Vikrant,the facility manager at the site for keeping the whole premises spic n span. To maintain such a big site is itself a gigantic task but hats off to the team .Beautiful complex.Keep it up Wish you all the success .Will definitely recommend Arihant to all my friends 👍

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