Fire In High Rise Buildings

The incidents are increasing and more alternative self-evacuation provisions and systems are need of the hour. ARIHANT SUPERSTRUCTURES LTD. at project Arihant Abhilasha, Kharghar, Sector 35, in 2 towers of 20 floors have installed an unique & innovative system imported from Sweden for self evacuation system which residents & occupants can use without a support or help from any fire officer or an individual. It is called “Multi Entry Fire Escape Chute” and it is the first installation in India of its kind.

Arihant Superstructures Ltd. is installing in all its projects having heights above 45 meter. On the open day many dignitaries like Commissioner of Police, Navi Mumbai Mr. Ashok Sharma, MLA Shri Vivek Patil, Panvel Corporation Committee, Fire Departments of CIO office, Maharashtra, CIDCO & NMMC had jumped in the fire chute & come to the ground floor safely.

The National Building codes 2nd fire staircase is of no use as it gets smoked and watered & rush leads to stampede. It needs to be adopted in the DCR and void the national loss of construction 8 % additional area of useless second staircase.

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Fire Rescue system

Top Tips for Choosing Interior Colours


A room without Colour is like a person without clothes. Colour is absolutely necessary to make a room appear presentable and finished, yet for a beginning decorator, it is one of the most feared additions in any space.

Choosing interior colours doesn’t have to be overwhelming or scary. In fact, choosing colours for your home can be downright fun. Consider these tips when you are choosing interior colours.